Architectural and construction inventory

The architectural and construction inventory is carried out for the needs of renovation or modification of buildings (superstructure, reconstruction) and other activities, such as ownership transformations or calculation of the usable area of ​​the building. 2D plans are certainly helpful for such tasks, but in the case of monuments, it can happen that documents are damaged or lost. We create these plans in no time thanks to a 3D laser scanner. This process is, in a sense, the reverse of construction, where the building is built because of a plan, and we create a plan based on an existing facility.

The 3D laser scanner has an advantage over even the most accurate 2D drawing — it accurately reproduces the current condition of the building. The mapping concerns the arrangement of walls, window openings, doors, and other visible elements. On the created 3D model, we can easily add information about the course of electrical and sanitary installations. The final result depends on your needs — and we will meet them in no time because the 3D scanner works at the speed of light and precisely.

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