Orthophoto maps and orthophoto mosaics

These terms are mainly associated with enormous costs. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. There is no need to order special manned planes, time-consuming preparation to work on an orthophoto map or waiting for the results for days or weeks. Thanks to our drones, we can create orthophotos or orthophoto maps quickly and efficiently.

Websites with maps are everyday applications — but in large agglomerations, changes happen rapidly. For this reason, the use of maps from popular portals for design purposes is not an option. Additionally, it's also a matter of scale and accuracy. The orthophoto map made during a flight with a manned plane reaches a resolution of up to 5 cm. Our drones perform the same task with a resolution of 1 cm. And they do it faster and incomparably cheaper.
We recommend drone raids.

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