Geos 3D – a new dimension of surveing

We are passionate surveyors — that's why in our industry we aim high. We combine innovation with traditional methods.
This allows us to maximize the precision of measurements and cut possible errors of individual methods.

Thanks to modern technologies, we can collect data using ground devices as well as ships and aircraft — we have unmanned equipment equipped with top-class instrumentation and software. We work with Leica and DJI devices — this guarantees perfect results every time.
We are a team of experienced experts — surveyors who offer a new dimension of services.


Laser scannig has many applications. From medicine to astronomy — technology based on a focused light beam is undoubtedly a vast spectrum of possibilities. We use laser scanning in 3D — thanks to this, at the speed of light, we can collect data not only about the geometry of the surrounding objects, but even faithfully reproduce their colours. We can also embed them on the coordinate axis of our planet — associating data with information from GPS receivers and fitting them into the national or global coordinate system.
The 3D laser scanner creates the so-called point cloud — it is a collection of many millions of points, and each of them contains a good deal of information about the intensity of the reflection. It is impossible to get such precise data about the space and the objects it contains using any other method. Thanks to the cloud of points, we create meshes — that is, 3D objects. In a word: the 3D laser scanner is a rapid and ultra-precise measurement method. We use it in architectural and construction inventories, inventories of industrial installations, creating 3D models, materials for 3D films and photos (including VR) and as a basis for 3D printing schemes. 3D scanning has one more — crucial — advantage: we can prepare files in any data format — for our customers' convenience.
the possibilities of using 3D scanning equipment are limited only by our imagination


We use professional DJI drones with the dedicated Leica Infinity, Leica Cyclone and PIX4D software — there are no impossible tasks for our unmanned aerial vehicle. We have UAVO VLOS and BVLOS, I and II surveying qualifications, security clearance for access to restricted areas and an experienced photographer in the team. What does this translate to?
Thanks to the versatility, we perform drone not only for purely measurement purposes, but also provide work results in all possible data formats. For professionals in the industry and for civilians. We work with clients in the areas of: Real Estates, marketing and advertising, photovoltaics, construction, agriculture, architecture and design, archaeology, monument protection, forestry, and many others. We aim high together with our business partners. Together, we rise to the top and achieve successes.
Check our offer and see what we can do for you.
the possibilities of using drones in services are limited only by our imagination


Geos3D is made up of a dozen or so committed people, get to know the pillar of the team:
Sławomir Sawko
classical surveing, coordination
+48 606-710-935
Managing Director of the Department of Surveing Projects
Tomasz Sawko
photogrammetry, scanning, bathymetry
+48 534-803-534
Director of Technology Innovation and Development of the Surveing Projects Department
Konrad Sawko
investment surveing, valuations, investment service
+48 793-660-880
Operational Director of the Department of Surveing Projects
Rafał Jastrzębski
property divisions, classical surveing
+48 602-316-362
Expert in Analytics of Spatial Information Systems and Archive Databases
Marta Nowakowska
cartography, surveing
+48 56-659-04-40
Expert in Digitization and Verification of Surveing Documentation
Szymon Seklecki
field surveying, bathymetry
+48 721-840-740
Bathymetry and Field Operations Coordination Specialist
Filip Janiak
engineering surveying, real estate divisions
+48 722-288-465
Cubature Investments Specialist
Tomasz Maćkiewicz
photogrammetry, scanning
+48 724-901-299
Specialist in Photogrammetry and Process Automation
Mateusz Jarzemski
cartography, numerical map
Numerical Map Specialist
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