Inventory of premises and flats

The inventory of the premises in the developer standard is a piece of cake — everything is visible. It is easier to catch all the unevenness or missing angles in a flat in a developer state — although it is a new construction, it does not mean that the execution is perfect. Scanning allows us to quickly assess the condition of the premises and may be useful for the architect when designing the interior.

The situation is a bit different with the secondary market, old tenement houses and monuments. You need a professional with modern equipment — someone from our team. Measuring the condition of the premises with a 3D scanner takes us incomparably less time than in the case of traditional methods.

Why is it worth using our help in making an inventory of the flat? Measurements will be made  quickly and with most precision. It is not possible to make mistakes that can happen with “analogue measurements”. The most common mistakes are:

  • Inaccuracies in the measurements of ceilings (yes, in each room there may be differences up to 5 centimetres);
  • Incorrect distances, for example from electrical sockets (has it been measured from the edge of the socket or from the axis?);
  • Illegible measurement records;
  • Incorrect rangefinder setting.

Our 3D scanner will create an accurate map of rooms in a few moments, thanks to which the model will be a perfect representation of the actual condition.

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