Object inspections

The motto “sky is the limit” does not apply to us. On the contrary, the sky is a massive field to show off for us. We are skilled professionals — innovation is our middle name.

Leica is a company known for quality — and we only use the best equipment. Our drones take excellent photos in high resolution. We use laser scans in 3D (point clouds) and take thermal photos.
It all adds up to detailed and perfectly carried out inspections of objects.
What our customers gain from this?

  • High-definition photos or videos, based on which they will assess the condition of the facility (building, road surface, railway line, transmission line, etc.);
  • Thermal images that show, e.g., overheating of elements, thanks to which they can prevent their complete destruction, and also check the heat loss points;
  • Photo documentation before, during and after the activities carried out (e.g., in the case of a project to build an expressway or a freeway for the General Directorate of National Roads and Highways);
  • High-quality photos for advertising brochures and visualizations;
  • 360° photos — for VR movies or digital advertising folders;
  • Photos to create a visualization of new buildings in space;
  • Photos of the facade — useful for renovation of buildings and conservation of historic architecture;
  • Photos of hard-to-reach places (e.g., top elements of windmills on wind farms);
  • Wide-perspective photos necessary in geodesy (e.g., coastlines of reservoirs and watercourses).

Thanks to our services related to unmanned aerial vehicles, our customers look at geodesy from an entirely different perspective.

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