Mining and gravel pits

Measurement of the volume of landfills for heaps and aggregates can be done quickly and efficiently. Our drones using photogrammetry with direct measurements made with GNSS RTK receivers will take care of it. It is easy to make a mistake when using traditional measuring methods in determining the volume of a heap. As a rule, they have an irregular shape. Measurements and evaluation of the drone, heap, and the cloud of points created throughout the process are an entirely new dimension of activities — the margin of error in our method is just 1%. This is not the only advantage.
What are the benefits of establishing a cooperation with us?

  1. Our customers save a lot of time.
    Here's an example. There's a need to carry out measurements of the volume of heaps on a space of 10 ha. When surveying, landfill work has to be halted. In case of using traditional methods, it may take several hours to complete the job. We do not expose our customers to losses caused by downtime. That task (carried out with our innovative drone) took us just 20 minutes.

  2. We make ultra-precise measurements.
    We combine tradition with modernity — that is why we obtain very accurate results quickly and efficiently. 1% — this is the error limit for volumetric measurements of heaps and aggregates. We can make measurements instantly with our laser equipment, so carrying them out cyclically will not be a problem for you and your business.

  3. We care about safety- it's our priority.
    The drone does not have to climb onto the heap — it takes super-precise photos from a height. We don't have to go anywhere in person, either. The customer's employees do not have to move away from the measuring station — because there is no need to do so. Photogrammetry is an ideal method. It does not disturb the shape of the prism, it is non-invasive and accurate. We will measure everything in the blink of a digital eye.

  4. We provide clear and precise results with other data packages.
    Transparency during inspection means no stress and no hassle. Our customers receive full documentation — photos, visualizations, results, elaboration.

  5. We offer competitive prices and high-end services.
    Fewer steps and less necessary equipment on our part — this means that our customers' finances are not  as heavily burdened as with traditional measurement methods. In addition, the results will certainly be more accurate. Lower service costs mean more profit for our customers.
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