Measurement of building facades, creating models

The 3D laser scanner is an invaluable ally, each task is performed 100% precisely and quickly, regardless of the scale. It is no different with taking measurements of the facades of buildings — the cloud of points reproduces the current state of the facade, which is of key importance in renovation and modernization works.

3D models are used in many industries, we are not limited to geodesy only. We can create three-dimensional mesh models with a photorealistic texture for architectural, museum, archaeological visualizations or for use in computer games. Models can also be used to print perfect copies on 3D printers. Each of our 3D models can be imported into applications for editing and presenting 3D graphics. We move reality into the virtual world with masterful precision.

This is a simplified version of the project for display on the web.
In fact, we offer much more accurate models.

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