Measurement of agricultural damage

A farmer's life is not all roses — there are many dangers to the crops, including wild game and unfavourable weather conditions. While the former is easier to prevent, the latter can do serious damage. Crop loss is more than just the destruction of produce — it is a waste of time, energy, and money. If the damage is minor, it is easy to quantify. If it affects huge areas — the matter becomes more complicated.

It may also happen that during works — such as replacing power poles, building a water or sewage system — the land will be disturbed.

How to measure the damage caused by flooding?
Specialized equipment is needed — just as we have it. We will quickly, efficiently and precisely determine the size of the damage, so our customers can react quickly and receive compensation.

Receiving compensation for agricultural damage is so problematic that it must be reported to the appropriate authority within a specific number of days of its finding. Importantly, the notification must contain data on the size of the area where the damage occurred.

We can help throughout the process — our drones will measure the size of the affected areas quickly and with laser precision. An appraiser from our team is ready to provide support with the preparation of documentation. We know that time matters.

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